Tips and Best Honeymoon Destinations for Couples on a Budget

Okay, so you are probably catching on with a string of similarities from my recent articles. The phrase “on a budget” comes up a lot because I REALLY love saving people money, especially in an industry that likes to rob you of it! So, after budget weddings and budget bridal parties, what else could you be saving money on?!

Your Honeymoon!

There are so many amazing destinations for people to go to, but I have actually worked with couples who completely passed up the idea of a honeymoon due to the costs that comes with one.

Here are a list of amazing destinations for the couples on a budget, travel sites for you to browse prices, and of course, the best credit cards to give you the best bang for your buck when traveling and trying to rack up points:

Travel Sites

Huge Pointer: Try to package your hotel and flight. You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll save by doing this. 

Here are some sites that can better direct you to the best deals on Flight+Hotel Packages:

    • I personally use this website and have booked 5 different trips in the last month and have had no problems! Great reviews from other users for each location as well, so it’s easy to compare places that fit your comfort level.
    • I have used this website and I would probably rank it as second to Expedia. Still a great site though!
    • GROUPON?? That’s a travel site?? Of course it is! They have some of the best deals for vacations, it’s not even funny! I have seen 6 day trips to international locations for less than $600 a person, hotel and flights included!

Huge Pointer: Book your hotel and flight ASAP to get the best deals! If you wait until the last minute, you can guarantee that you will paying double if not more for your trip.

Credit Cards 

Disclaimer: I am NOT trying to encourage anyone to sign up for a Credit card. I used to be completely against them, but I have recently found them to be an easy way to get points through my “would have used my debit card anyways” purchases, then I pay them off right away. AND you can positively increase your credit by using a credit card. Win-Win if you do it correctly!
  • Want to Earn Air Miles Fast?
    • Capital One, Venture One
      • I personally use this card! There is no yearly fee, and you earn 1.25 miles per dollar spent on the card. AND, as a new member, if you spend $1000 in the first month, you will receive 20,000 miles, which is about $200 off a purchase. We took advantage of this when we planned out trip to England and got our round trip tickets for $600 each! *We booked in March. The tickets are about $1000 if you book the same tickets currently, so we saved a bundle!*
  • Prefer one type of Airline? Then why not take advantage of their credit card?
    • If you prefer to fly with one type of airline, why not take advantage of this type of credit card? Say you like American Airlines. Their AAdvantage card can save you a bundle!
      • Their Executive card gives you these benefits:
        • Earn 50,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases
        • Admirals Club® membership
        • Earn Elite Qualifying Miles
        • Earn 50,000 American Airlines AAvantage bonus miles after spending $5,000 or more within the first three months of account opening
    • Here is their website if you’d like more details: AAdvantage Rewards Credit Card


*All prices can change depending on your location and the time of year in which you wish to book your honeymoon. All destinations are being priced as of July 2018, with flights from Baltimore international Airport.*

Huge Pointer: Try to book 6 months in advance for the best possible prices!

International Destinations

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    • I have wanted to vacation here for 3 years, so it’s of course going to be at the top of the list! Of course, not showing any favoritism… Just look at these prices and you’ll see why!
    • Hotel/Resort: Karibo Punta Cana
    • Stay: 6 Nights
    • Price: $930 per person
    • Link: Karibo Resort
    • Perks:
      • Internet – Free WiFi
        Entertainment – Premium channels
        Food & Drink – Room service
        Bathroom – Private bathroom, shower, free toiletries, and a hair dryer (on request)
        Practical – Iron/ironing board (on request)
        Comfort – Air conditioning
        Need to Know – Limited housekeeping
        Non-Smoking, renovated in December 2012
  • London, England
    • I love this beautiful country! I have been there once, and I’m planning a trip to go back in August! There are so many amazing things to do, and it’s not hard to go to Great Britain on a budget and be able to also travel to other countries, ie. France, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, etc…
    • Hotel: The Bull and The Hide
      • My boyfriend and I are staying here when we go to London in August. Now, it’s not a 5 star hotel, but from reviews and ratings (Which you should ALWAYS read) were high enough for us to take a leap and book it!
    • Stay: 5 nights
    • Link: The Bull and the Hide
    • Perks:
      • Complimentary Wifi
      • Telephone with complimentary local calls
      • Desk
      • 45″ Flat Screen TV with Sky ChannelsDouble Bed, Duck Feather Duvets and Goose Feather Pillows
      • Mini Bar
      • Under floor Heating in Bathroom
      • Heated Towel Rail
      • Rainwater Shower
      • Miller Harris Toiletries
      • Hairdryer
      • Iron and Ironing board on request

Domestic Destinations

  • Anchorage, Alaska (Summer Preferably, but Winter is Nice too!)
Putting in a destination plug for my sister who currently lives in Anchorage! This is such a great city to visit, and if you plan things right, you’ll see a lot of amazing things for little to no cost.
    • Hotel: Deal’s Bed and Breakfast
    • Stay: 5 nights
    • Cost: $159 a night
    • Positives: Rather than stay in a hotel, which most of the hotels we’re that good anyways, this establishment had a lot of charm and quantness to it. It’s very close to downtown as well. Most of it’s reviewers game positive feedback, so this is worth a try if you visit Anchorage!
    • Perks:
    • ff
  • Here is the site for the hotel: Deal’s BnB
  • Williamsburg, Virginia (If you like history, you’ll love this!)
    • Hotel: Patriots Inn
    • Stay: 5 nights
    • Cost: $124 a night (Can fluctuate depending on time of week)
    • Positives: Right in the heart of historic downtown Williamsburg. This was given almost a 5 star review by a majority of visitors, and it looks beautiful
    • Perks:
      • Free Wifi
        Free Parking
        Air Conditioning
        Non-Smoking Hotel
      • Fitness Center
  • Here is the site for this hotel: Patriots Inn

Of course, there are so many wonderful places to see, and deals to be had, but I highly recommend you look into having your honeymoon in any of these amazing locations! Also, please don’t just rely on my personal research to find the best tips. You alone know what you like, and I have the most faith that your will find the perfect solution for your honeymoon troubles!

If you have any questions in regards to this article, or services that we provide, please feel free to reach out. Also, like our Facebook page, Your Perfect Day, Your Way, and our Instagram page, @yourperfectdayyourway, for more content, news and special offers!


Leah Wiley 




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