Rain or Shine, The Show Must Go On!

Hello All! 

I truly apologize for being so absent these last few months! Not only have I been blessed with an amazing job, but I am finishing up my degree program at York College of Pennsylvania! So, you know, not busy at all… But, one thing I have noticed these last few months of being MIA is that the weather is so sporadic, and it honestly rains at least 50% of the time, if not more, here in the Susquehanna Valley. So, what do you do if it’s your wedding day, your “perfect” day, and it is supposed to rain?

Well, here are a few pointers:

  1. Have a back up plan. I can’t express this enough to brides to be. Always, always, ALWAYS have a back up plan in mind for everything. Your venue, your catering, cake, dress, etc. It will save you so much heartache if you have a plan in mind if something just so happens to go wrong.
    • Venue: Make sure your selected venue has an indoor space. This includes the place you plan to hold your ceremony. Better yet, prepare your venue location for the possibility of rain, so you could possibly have your ceremony and reception at the same site in the case of bad weather! You may have another outdoor venue in mind for your ceremony, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead for a potential washout. Please also try to let people know on the invitations at least that if rain does in fact happen, the ceremony will be at an indoor location.
    • Make Up: Waterproof ladies. This word exists and it is fabulous! I know many ladies try to avoid waterproof make up because it doesn’t feel as natural as normal products, but you’ll thank me later when it starts to rain at your outdoor ceremony site. No one wants ruined pictures, especially on your wedding day.
    • Your Dress: Be prepared to run! I know so many people want that beautiful, flowing dress that just stuns your guests, but save yourself the trouble and find a dress that you can easily grab and hold up as you run for shelter. This goes for your bridesmaids as well.04f774dbb78ad34c2aaaad11a5dc85b5
    • Towels: Please make sure that you have towels available at your ceremony site in case of a spontaneous shower. It may just rain for a second, but it’s just enough to make all of the chairs at the ceremony site wet, and that would make for extremely unhappy guests.
    • Umbrellas: This may seem expensive, but even dollar store umbrellas could be the saving grace of a washed out wedding. If there is even the slightest chance of a pop up thundershower, take a trip to your local store and stock up on umbrellas! You can always return the ones you don’t use, and they will certainly come in handy if a storm does show up.
  2. Stay happy. Ultimately, everyone will look to you and your groom for a way to respond to a crisis such as rain. Make the most of it! If you don’t mind getting a little wet (and you followed that little waterproof make up trick that I had suggested) don’t be afraid to jump out in the rain with your new hubby and dance! Not only would that put a huge smile on your guests faces, but what great wedding photos! Nothing can ruin your special day unless you let it!855f5f3bff340138343835ed5713349c--wedding-shot-dream-wedding
  3. Laugh At The Photos Later. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate your first year of marriage with a good laugh of the washout that your wedding became. So many people see rain as the end of the world for their special day. But with good humor and some awesome dance moves, those memories will be something to cherish afterwards.

And for those who still think rain is the end of the world, think of it this way. We need the rain right? In some cases, rain is so desperately needed in some spots of the world that it’s prayed for. If someone so desperately prayed for rain to happen, and it just so happened to occur where you are, then feel blessed! Even if Mother Nature may have missed the target a little…

I hope this helps your wedding jitters! All stress can be avoided with just a little bit of patience, planning, and some great laughs.



Much love,


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