Why Over Pack? Here are 10 Essentials You Should Pack For Your Wedding Day

One of the biggest struggles for any travelling occasion is figuring out what to pack for your journey. Recently, I took a trip to Alaska and I am willing to confess that I am indeed an over packer...

Don’t let this be you, especially on your big day! By only packing the essentials, you keep your load light, and you decrease the worry of forgetting something when the cerebrations are over.

Her’s a list of some of the necessary essentials for your Wedding Day:

  1. A T-shirt and Leggings.
  • This will always and forever be my go to packing item, especially if you’re expecting an hours long pampering session before the big event. Rather than sitting in uncomfortable jeans or even worse… your underwear (Don’t ask, but I’ve seen this happen)… just make it easy on yourself and bring a T-shirt and your favorite comfy leggings! Not only are they comfortable, but you don’t really need to worry if the little bit of foundation drips onto your clothes. Also a tip, make customized T-shirts for your bridal party! They’re such a great gift, and they’re perfect for a memory keepsake.

83e0451f6bfb1c759ba098f428f799e9--matching-hoodies-yoga-party2. Tissues and Makeup Wipes

This essential honestly applies to any occasion, not just if you’re the bride. Tissues in general are perfect for before the ceremony when tears are being shed and make up starts to run. Rather than risk ruining your $100 professional makeup, grab a tissue to save the day! Tears are just inevitable, so don’t forget those tissues! And in regards to makeup wipes, sleeping with your makeup still caked on your face is probably the worst thing for your skin. Save yourself the grief, and grab a makeup wipe instead. My recommendation would be Neutrogena’s Make up and Eye makeup remover. But…. If you do happen to fall asleep while still wearing your makeup, and you happen to wake up with a face print on your pillow, please don’t hesitate to post that online. I know your guests will have a kick out of that, and it’s always healthy to laugh at yourself time and again!115364923. Bottled Water 

This was definitely an issue for the last wedding I was involved in. Of course, if you’re at a hotel, you’ll have water at your disposal, but while in transit to the ceremony, you may run into a thirsty bridesmaid or flower girl. Save yourself some grief, and buy a case and put half in the hotel room and the other half in your mode of transportation. With it being probably only $3 for a case, it’s definitely something worth buying.bottled-water-14. Advil or Ibuprofen

I cannot stress this item enough. Anything could happen on your wedding day. You could get a headache, your mother could have joint pain, etc. Whatever the medical issue (which we can only hope needs Advil to cure) make sure to invest in a bottle for your big day. Even if you don’t finish it, Advil is always something you need in your life. You’ll finish it eventually. Advil or Ibuprofen can be found any drug store or convenience store.2a086fb8-eb9f-4ecf-abd3-491e324a444b_1.681bce15302224179194426d124342af5. Flats

Don’t get me wrong, heels are definitely something I’ll want to wear on my wedding day. But after an hour or so, those heels can become painful, or worse, give you blisters that will last a week or more! Save yourself from the unnecessary pain and invest in some flats a few months prior to your wedding day. Brake them in, and you’ll be ready for any pinch or discomfort your shoes may cause!il_340x270.1344161514_76qs6. Cellphone Charger

  • You can’t rely on your bridal party to have everything, so just don’t forget to bring one of your own!31CpabpRYHL

7. Emergency Contact book

And if you forget to bring a charger, have this a backup instead! Some may find this strange to have, but cellphones are only good if they’re charged, and the way batteries are today, that isn’t for very long. So, make sure to have all of your necessary contacts written down in this book. Your Officiant, Caterer, Bakery, Venue, Wedding Planner, GROOM, etc… It doesn’t have to be fancy, or even large! Just buy a notebook from Michael’s or A.C Moore and keep it in your purse.il_340x270.429844558_4wij

8. Extra Cash

This is something that people always forget. As the bride, you’re not really supposed to leave your hotel room, especially if you don’t want the groom to see you. You also don’t want to just hand you credit card to just anyone. So, just to protect yourself, I always recommend to have a minimum of $100 with you, just in case you do happen to forget something.download


9. Food for Your Hotel Room

  • Guys, WE’RE HUMAN! And human’s are always hungry! If you’re planning on asking your wedding party to be at the hotel room prior to 10AM, please plan on having some sort of food for your bridesmaids to nibble on. It doesn’t have to be heavy food, just something to keep your bridal party from passing out from hunger.accommodations-food-4unit-ITO-2.1.jpg


10. And last, but most importantly, don’t forget YOURSELF

  • Okay, I understand your confusion. “Leah, you’ve said this would only be a list of essentials. Why is this considered essential?” Well, it just is! So many brides are worried about every other thing on their wedding day, except themselves. It’s your day! If you’re so stressed out that you’re making yourself sick, you’re not going to be doing anyone a service. Even it’s just listening to your favorite music, or drinking a glass of champagne to calm your nerves, you’re still taking that necessary time for yourself to just relax.download (1)

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