Sola Wood Flowers: The New Floral Alternative?

Recently, I was asked to look into Sola Wood Flowers and their rising popularity in the wedding industry. Not only was I amazed by their life-like quality, but also their affordability! Finally, there is an affordable alternative to expensive floral arrangements, and they’re BEAUTIFUL!

I asked a couple of groups on social media sites for comments about the product, and incredibly, I didn’t hear one bad review about the brand or their quality.

Jennifer Marie Torquato:

“The thing I really like about Sola in regards to weddings is that it’s so much cheaper than having fresh flowers and I get to keep them forever. I’m also having an October wedding in the Pacific Northwest so there isn’t a lot of in season flowers that I like.” 

Chandra Marshall:

“Sola flowers are timeless flowers that make your wedding extra special and worry free. My sister used these for her outdoor wedding, the bouquets were beautiful, real looking and lightweight. And we didn’t have to worry about them wilting or bees. Highly recommend them”


Emilee Stoner:

“I think they’re a better option because they can give you a memento that you can keep long after your event.”


Elizabeth Wiley:

“It looks like they’re extremely popular on Etsy and if a bride is budget conscious, it looks like it would be a better bet to go with because you can make a bouquet for less than $25, and you can keep the flowers afterwards! I would have loved to have had these flowers for my wedding.” 



And these comments don’t even come close to the amount of positive opinions that I saw! So many people have nice things to say, and in my opinion, I would 100% invest in this product. Fresh flowers are nice, but unless you have a way of fully preserving your flowers, it’s a loss of money on your part. Not only that, but florists and other vendors like to take advantage of engaged couples just because your event is a wedding.

So, fight the system, and INVEST IN SOLA WOOD FLOWERS!

Here are a few links to help you get started:


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