Weddings: Braving the Final Frontier

Alaska, otherwise known as the Final Frontier, the coldest place in the United States. And the LAST place you’d think a wedding would take place, right?


Two weeks ago, I was given the greatest of opportunities to explore the Alaskan frontier with my sister and see the wonders that the beautiful state had to offer. Along the way, I decided to do a little research of the wedding scene and how Alaska and its climate plays a role in how weddings work throughout the year.

Throughout my trip, I mainly stayed in the Anchorage area, but I did manage to venture out to Eagle River.

Yeah, not much there…

In Anchorage however, there are roughly 3 bridal shops for brides to choose from. With a population of about 300,000, 3 bridal shops was actually more than I thought there would be, so you go Anchorage!

Turns out, weddings in Alaska are almost exactly like weddings back home. Same format, same general concept, but from browsing pictures on the internet, there definitely is a lot of bravery that goes into getting perfect wedding pictures. At the current moment, Alaska only has about 4-5 hours of day light during the day, so, just as most of the U.S, weddings are usually conducted during the summer months. The wedding season is just a little shorter in Alaska.


One little fact that I actually didn’t find surprising is the elopement rate in Alaska. With such a limited amount of good weather, daylight, as well as a struggling economy, elopement seems like the perfect option for most couples.

Now, would I personally get married in Alaska?

You better believe I would!

Not only is the landscape absolutely breathtaking, but it’s certainly a memory that I would never soon forget!

There are plenty of options for couples to have either a Micro-Wedding, or to just elope in the Final Frontier!

Here are a few websites to browse if you’re curious:

Not only is this option extremely cheap, but you’ll certainly get perfect wedding pictures in the process!

Even if you just want to visit Alaska, GO! I absolutely loved the trip, and I loved seeing my sister! I hope to make a trip up to the beautiful frozen tundra of the north again soon!


*Featured photo by Whitney Justesen. All rights reserved*

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