Bridesmaid/Groomsman on a Budget

Being a bridesmaid or groomsmen can be one of the most exciting times of your life! But one thing that so many bridesmaids and groomsmen forget is that weddings can be expensive, and not just for the bride and groom. For me, not only have I experienced that excitement of being a bridesmaid, but also the feeling of going completely broke because of it.

Having some sort of a budget is extremely important when it comes to controlling your finances. Statistically, a member of a wedding party can spend upwards to $2000 throughout the course of a wedding. Some things you spend the most on are your attire, food, drinks, gas, hotel, and wedding gifts for the happy couple. All of these are equally as important towards success as a member of a wedding party, but can absolutely be controlled if you have a sense of what you can and cannot spend.

Here is an example of a realistic, but affordable budget with a spending limit of $1500:

Budget for a Member of a Wedding Party


This budget is certainly negotiable, depending on what you have the ability to spend. $1500 may seem like a bit much, but the duration of your time in a wedding party may last months(depending on the wedding), so it is a realistic figure.

From experience, I personally found it necessary to create a budget to keep my spending in check. I used Microsoft Word to create this chart, but any computer software can work if you know how to use it.

But, as a little gift from me, I left the attachment as a Word Document so that you can easily create your budget without all the hassle of creating the chart itself!

Good luck and happy budgeting!







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