Veil or No Veil, That is the Question…

Every wedding has its own characteristics, and no two weddings are alike. That also goes for brides as well! One may choose to wear a veil, while another may look towards a more modern choice. But the real question is, is a veil a necessary tradition?

Here’s just a brief history of ‘the wedding veil’ and it’s revamped popularity:

“The use of the wedding veil can be traced back to Greek mythology and medieval times as a way to ward off evil spirits and to display a symbol of purity and chastity.

In modern times, as gender equality movements took hold in the 60’s and 70’s, the idea of the veil began to be seen as a debilitating symbol, with more and more brides choosing to wed without it.

But that all changed when one royal modern couple decided to tie the knot.

William and Katherine married in 2011, with Katherine choosing to wear a beautiful down the back veil with a tiara. Ever since, the wedding veil has made a phenomenal comeback in weddings, with many people leaning towards the more traditional wedding style.”

With some brides choosing the ‘no veil’ look on their special day, others are feeling the pressure to look more modern while still having that question of “but do I look ‘bridal’ enough?” If this question applies to you, maybe a veil isn’t such a bad idea. But let’s have a look at some modern, more elegant options, which will have you feeling bridal and beautiful, with or without a veil!

  1. Veil and Headpiece Combo 

This look is stunning and a mix of both traditional and modern. The veil is simple, while the headpiece is the focal point. You can never go wrong with this look and you’ll have compliments coming left and right from your guests.

Veil with Headpiece

Photograph by Tom Corbett All Rights Reserves

  1. The Birdcage Veil 

I absolutely love this look! It’s not too much, and it’s perfect for an indoor wedding! And while some may consider this a “No Veil Look,” I made the tough decision of putting it in the veil category. However, you may define it however you like, because this look is beautiful all the same! I’m picturing a winter wedding with the bride in a beautiful mermaid flare gown, and a wedding bouquet with jeweled accents to compliment this chic, classic, yet modern veil.


  1. Embroidered Tulle Veil

This veil is not something I’ve seen very much in weddings previously, but I would honestly consider wearing this on my wedding day! It has a hint of elegance and mystery all mixed into one fun wedding veil! So much can be added personality wise,, and it can be customized to match your wedding! The tulle is a very light weight material, so if pinned correctly into your wedding up-do, this veil would be, in my opinion, perfect for a beach or rustic themed wedding!


  1. Long Ombré Veil

As the ombré style has come into fashion, why not throw it into your wedding? This veil is lovely, and with the slight change from one color to another, as well as elongate your torso, will most certainly wow your guests. This veil is perfect for the most creative bride and may be the  veil to set the standard for weddings for years to come.


And for the brides looking to skip the veil, here are a few possible options you may choose to pick from:

  1. Flower Crowns

I personal find this style not only beautiful, but perfect for any nature-loving bride. If worn correctly, with just enough flowers intertwined in the vines, this no-veil option is certainly one to be considered a heavy contender for the traditional veil look. In my opinion, this would be perfect for a spring wedding with in-season flowers and spring colors.

Flower Crown
Photograph by Mandi Nelson All Rights Reserved

     2. Hair Combs

To the modern day bride, this look can be created entirely to your liking! If you love your hair showing, especially if you believe it to be one of your best features, a hair comb may the answer over a veil. Some special hair styles I saw while researching was this beautiful up-do with the hair comb tucked around the curls. If I wasn’t so keen on having a veil, this would be my second choice for my wedding day! Absolutely stunning!

3. Interwoven Babies Breath

Over the last 3 years or so, this look has made plenty of appearances and its use has increased in popularity! Different than a flower crown, babies breath is a flower which itself alone can create an elegant bridal up-do! The picture shown below is a perfect example of this beautiful ‘no veil’ look.


4. Bare but with all the flair!

Last but not least, this no veil look is something anyone can rock! If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant up-do without a veil getting in the way, this is the perfect choice for you! Again, if you find your hair to be the best feature, why hide it?

wedding hairstyles for long curly hair updos   wedding part|wedding updos for long curly hair|wedding updos for long curly hair for Inspire Best Choice Performance 2016

With so many choices, what’s a bride to choose? What should definitely be taken into account with your choice is the location of your wedding, and certainly any possible weather conditions that may pop up. What is also a factor to you choosing a veil or not is if you feel a veil is right for you, and if it fits your personality. These options above are all beautiful and shout out the word ‘bride‘, but it all depends on your personal taste and style. If you don’t feel beautiful wearing a veil,


To all brides out there, I hope these options inspire you, and help to narrow down the many possible choices! Remember, you’ll be beautiful, no matter what you choose!

2 thoughts on “Veil or No Veil, That is the Question…

  1. I was actually just thinking about this myself recently. The veil is one of the most iconic symbols of a wedding I feel like, but recently more and more brides are going without them. I thought back in “traditional” ceremonies it was a sign of losing your innocence (and virginity?) but obviously not many people follow that these days anymore. I personally wouldn’t mind a cute little something, but more for decoration rather than symbolism. That being said I am not digging the birdcage option, but the headpiece and veil looks really cute!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree with you! I personally would love a veil on my wedding, but it certainly won’t apply with the traditional sense! And I was on the fence about the birdcage, but I know some brides would love it!


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