All Adventures Begin With a Step

My life has always been a plan, whether planned by God, my parents, or by my own decisions.

Three years ago, I had been given the plan that I would go to college and obtain my business degree. My part of the plan was to go to Temple University. In my opinion, I had chosen well, as it truly is an amazing school! I love the atmosphere and the school spirit is gives. I knew I wanted to go to into business in some form, but I hadn’t yet seen that arrow pointing me in the right direction.

One night, about two weeks ago, after working so hard not to procrastinate to no end, but failing anyways, I forced myself to sit for 7 hours in the same chair, looking at the same screen. And then it hit me.

“I don’t want this for the rest of my life.”

Prior to this night, I had worked on two weddings, one last summer, my sisters, and then another wedding which is coming up in November. It was originally just a hobby, something I like to do. I love taking my creativeness and passion and putting it into an actual project, something that a tangible product would come out of.

That night, I had had my epiphany.

So here I am, at my first step, listening to my heart, and taking that leap. I have nothing to lose, only adventures and memories to gain.

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